About Harmony 84

Conductor: Sachiko Watanabe

Accompanist: Yumi Tayama

Harmony 84 began in 1984 as an informal singing group of Japanese women whose husbands were on assignments in Silicon Valley. It was a way of remembering and keeping in touch with Japan. In 1990, Ms. Sachiko Watanabe was the first conductor and created a basis for the present form of Harmony'84. Later Ms. Yumi Tayama became accompanist for the group. Ms. Takae Hirano joined the group as a conductor in 1998. In 2010 Ms. Watanabe came back and Harmony'84 is now enjoying her exceptional talent and efforts to lead the group.

The main event of the group is the annual concert, which is held every May at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Palo Alto, CA. Many of the Bay Area’s Japanese soloists are often invited to perform with the group. The group also participates in fundraising, singing at schools, community centers, churches, and venues connected with Japanese culture. A few examples are participation at the annual benefit concerts given at the Union Church of Cupertino and performances at the PHP (Parents Helping Parents). Other activities include many performances held at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church where the group practices every week. Songs include a wide variety of genres such as traditional Japanese songs, songs written by new Japanese composers and songs from other countries.

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Practice every Friday, 10:00 - 12:00am at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. 4243 Manuela Avenue, Palo Alto, CA